Service Provider

Utilities are increasingly looking to leverage extra value from their market presence and communications network assets through business models ranging from simple co-location of devices to Carrier-of-Carrier services and the more complex, but highly profitable wholesale voice, video, internet, mobile services. Ribbon has the solutions to help utilities transform into Utelcos, allowing them to grow and diversify their revenue mix while supporting the development of their local communities.


Access to affordable, full-fiber broadband has become fundamental, and governments around the world are investing in fiber infrastructure in order to bring affordable broadband to everyone. Ribbon has the solutions to help rural broadband operators enhance their infrastructure and help bridge the digital divide.

All of our Apollo systems,  featuring unique capabilities for service aggregation, optical transmission, and wavelength routing,  can be deployed stand-alone with full control through standard industry interfaces.

Ribbon makes it easy for network operators to leverage our innovations and apply them to any segment of their optical network at their own pace.

400G is the new building block for optical lanes, both for transporting ubiquitous 100GbE traffic and the growing 400GbE traffic that has started breaking out of data centers. Ribbon provides 400G everywhere, with individual lanes at 400G, 800G and 1.2T.

With the introduction of 5G, Mobile Network Operators and Private Network Operators have the opportunity to introduce a vast array of mobile services, starting today with enhanced mobile broadband. New bandwidth-hungry services like online mobile gaming, e-health, AR/VR, IoT/IIoT applications will soon follow.