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Compact CPE

Range of compact edge devices optimized to provide cost-efficient solutions for specific applications.

Access Routers

Multiaccess, multiservice routers with the service agility, form factors and high-density capacity required to converge the access edge.

Aggregation Routers

High-performance aggregation routers delivering high availability with terabit-scale and the service agility to support any service, on a service by service basis.

Metro Routers

High performance, high availability, high-capacity multiservice routers using the right IP transport technology for every service.

Data Center Switch

Energy efficient, high-performance IP Clos Data Center solutions running on a commercial SONiC distribution with Layer 3 functionality.

Optical Transport

Apollo low power and modular OTN/DWDM transport delivers 400G everywhere with channels up to 1.2T

Optical Switching

Apollo scalable OTN switching platforms deliver solutions for all parts of the network, from access rings to a dense mesh core. 

IP Wave rNOS

Ribbon’s IP Wave rNOS is a unified NOS used across our entire Neptune portfolio.

SDN Orchestrator

MUSE™ rapidly creates and provisions innovative services, ensuring the network is continuously optimized and available

All Products

All Products

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