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White Paper

  • 5G Changes the Calculus for Wholesale Backhaul
  • 5G Ushering in an API Economy
  • 5G – A Fork in the Road for Network Transport
  • Bridging the Digital Divide
  • Crossing the 5G Chasm
  • Demystifying Network Slicing
  • DIM Fiber Services
  • FlexE Applications in Transport Network
  • FlexE Applications in Transport Networks
  • From Utility To Telco
  • Increasing the Value for Mobile Backhaul Wholesalers
  • IP Over DWDM
  • IP Wave Integrated IP Optical
  • MPLS-TP for Mission-Critical Networks
  • No Limits Metro 800G and Long Haul 400G Optical Transport
  • On the Road to Agile Self-Organizing Networks
  • Reacting to Change
  • Reacting to Change - How 5G is Set to Revolutionize Utilities
  • Reimagining Core Networks
  • Ribbon’s Market-Disrupting 400G ZR+ Solution
  • ROADMs Rule the Waves
  • Segment Routing in Packet Transport
  • Segment Routing in Packet Transport
  • Segment Routing Traffic Engineering for IP Transport Networks
  • Solving the 5G Network Connectivity Challenge
  • Teleprotection Over an MPLS Network
  • The Challenge of Disruption
  • The Economic Benefits of a Super-Converged Multi-Access Edge Network
  • The Emerging 400G Optical Highway
  • The Global Telco 5G Cloud Gaming Opportunity
  • Time is Right for Digital Broadband
  • Time to Turn the Lights Out on SDH
  • Time to Turn the Lights Out on SONET
  • Working the Line - Next-Generation Railway

Application Note

  • 5G Native Transport Solution
  • Apollo 100GbE and 400GbE Transport Solutions
  • Apollo for Power Utilities
  • Apollo L1 Optical Encryption
  • Apollo Open Optical Networking
  • Business Continuity Optical Data Replication
  • Disaggregated IP Routing and Network Operating System (NOS)
  • Efficient Networks with OTN Switching
  • Elastic MPLS for Service Providers
  • Expandable OTN Switching
  • Fiber Health Management
  • Metro IP Transport
  • Muse Automated Service Provisioning
  • Neptune for Critical Infrastructure
  • NGN Solutions for Defense Forces and Mission Critical
  • Optical Encryption as a Service (aaS)
  • Optical Network Management
  • Programmable Optical Networking
  • Rapid Provisioning of L1 Business Services
  • Research and Education Network Solutions
  • Ribbon Next-Generation Healthcare Network Solutions
  • Ribbon NOS
  • Ribbon's IP Optical Solution for Energy
  • Ribbon's IP Optical Solutions for Oil Gas Water
  • Ribbon’s IP Wave Solution for Healthcare
  • Risk-Free Future-Proof Transition
  • Secure Optical Networking as a Service (aaS)
  • Secure Optical Networks for your Enterprise
  • Solutions for Critical Infrastructure
  • The Time is Right for Rural Broadband


  • 5G Optimized Transport Solutions
  • 5G Solutions for Wholesalers
  • Apollo Family
  • Battle Cloud Edge for Deployable Task Forces
  • Converged Access Aggregation
  • Converged Interconnect Network Solutions for MSOs
  • Elastic Metro Solution
  • Elastic MPLS Solution
  • Elastic Wireless
  • Intelligent Wavelength Health Management
  • IP Wave for Service Provider Networks
  • LightINSIGHT Network Analytics
  • LightPULSE
  • LightSOFT 2FA
  • LightSOFT Generic EMS
  • LightSOFT Network Management System
  • Muse 5G Native Domain Orchestration
  • Muse Analytics
  • Muse Carrier-Grade Platform (PaaS)
  • Muse Network Controller
  • Muse Network Planner
  • Muse SDN Domain Orchestration for Service Automation
  • Network Management Software Solution
  • Network Slicing
  • Network Slicing
  • NGN Solutions for Defense Forces and HLS
  • Power Solutions for Defense Networks
  • Ribbon Neptune Family
  • Ribbon Networking Portfolio
  • Secure Data Communication Network
  • Solutions for Smart Cities (ElasticGRiD)
  • The Ideal 5G Network
  • Transport Portfolio Security
  • Utelco Solutions

Solution Brief

  • Apollo Maximum Capacity 140Gbaud Submarine Transport Solution Brief
  • Muse Multi-Vendor Orchestration
  • Muse Service Provisioning with Optimized Link Utilization Solution

Case Study

  • GRNET Upgrades Optical Network (Apollo, Neptune & Muse)
  • JT Group Adds 5G-Ready Optical Network for the Channel Islands
  • Modern Optical Backbone and NOC for German Railway
  • SurfNet Expands Network Performance and Reliability
  • Transforming Trieste’s LightNet Research and Education Network (REN)


  • MPLS Mission Critical Networks

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