IP Wave by Ribbon Communications

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ip wave


Sam Bucci explains Ribbon's new IP Wave Framework for Service Providers with Light Reading


Lighting up the Rails: A Checklist for Modernizing Railway IP Optical Networks
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IP Wave Products

Compact CPE

Range of compact edge devices optimized to provide cost-efficient solutions for specific applications.

Access Routers

Multiaccess, multiservice routers with the service agility, form factors and high-density capacity required to converge the access edge.

Aggregation Routers

High-performance, high availability routers with terabit-scale with agility to support any service, on a service-by-service basis.

Metro Routers

High performance, high availability, high-capacity multiservice routers using the right IP transport technology for every service.

Data Center Switch

Energy efficient, high-performance IP Clos Data Center solutions running on a commercial SONiC distribution with Layer 3 functionality.

Optical Transport

Apollo low power and modular OTN/DWDM transport delivers 400G everywhere with channels up to 1.2T

Optical Switching

Apollo scalable OTN switching platforms deliver solutions for all parts of the network, from access rings to a dense mesh core. 

IP Wave rNOS

Ribbon’s rNOS is a unified NOS used across our entire Neptune portfolio.

SDN Orchestrator

MUSE™ rapidly creates and provisions innovative services, ensuring the network is continuously optimized and available

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IP Wave Solutions

Service Provider

Ribbon’s IP Wave provides communication service providers with the service agility to achieve their business goals in the fixed, mobile and cable markets.

Critical Infrastructure

IP Wave provides a rich set of secure, reliable, proven solutions optimized for critical infrastructures looking to digitize their IT and OT networks.


IP Wave provides Enterprises with the agility they need to continuously modernize their communications network to support ever more complex and bandwidth hungry services and applications.

Government & Education

IP Wave provides Government and Education with the, secure, tailorable, reliable and scalable networks they need to react rapidly to changing demands.